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Rent a motorbike in Crete - Frequently Asked Question(s)

Rental Period:

The rental period is calculated on a 24hr basis only if delivery/collection is EVENING to EVENING (20:00-20:00 more or less) or MORNING to MORNING (09:00-09:00 more or less)
If delivery/collection of the Rethymnon Crete motorcycle rentals take place during the day, it is considered an extra rental day.
The total cost of your rental will be quoted when the times of your flights/ferry are given to us. However, it is possible to reserve a motorbike even if this information is not available at the time of booking.


Greenways Crete Motorcycle Rentals Insurance:

Full insurance (collision damage waiver) is included but with an excess payable amount in case of damage. This means that the driver is liable/responsible for all damage to the motorbike up to the excess amount ( when the driver/renter is liable for the accident) : Theft insurance is optional and upon request with an extra charge (see insurance chapter).


Local Deposits - Guarantee:

Please note that all renters are required to place a credit card guarantee at the time of delivery. This deposit covers the insurance excess amounts (see above) in case of damage.
If the motorbike is in the same condition at the time of collection as it was at the time of delivery our representative will sign your contract verifying that Greenways Motorcycle Rentals in Crete has no claims from you.
In case of damage Greenways will inform you by email   within 7 days concerning the damage costs which will be charged to your credit card.


Road Assistance Service:
Greenways Rethymnon Motorcycle Rentals in Crete offers road assistance in case of vehicle damage, throughout Crete. Just dial the service number that is written on your rental contract and one of our representatives will come with a service team to repair the damage or replace the vehicle.

Our company has a wide selection of  helmets in all  sizes, free of charge. This applies for motorcycles delivered to airports or elsewhere on the island, apart from our office. Of course it is more convenient for you to bring your own helmet.   In order for us to provide you with the best possible service you have to inform us exactly for your size number prior to your arrival.

Reservations & Payments:

In order to CONFIRM a reservation it is required to make a down payment of:
The balance has to be paid by the time of delivery (cash or credit card)

To be able to confirm a reservation, we require a down payment  . Once we have received payment, we will send you a booking confirmation.