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About Us

Dear Motorcycle Fans,

Welcome to the homepage of Greenways Motortours, the specialist Motorcycle Tourism and Motorcycle Rentals in Crete!

The market for motorcycle tourism grows more popular year after year. No other region in the world offers visitors such an amazing opportunity to discover its natural beauty on 2 wheels. Crete has become the most wonderful place for motorcycle tourism. Too small... some might say. On the contrary, it is the perfect size for this type of holiday.

The island of Crete is a land of exquisite beauty and delightful surprises; an island full of contrasts; the bananas plantations on the east, the tropical, palm tree beaches in the south, Caribbean-like lagoons in the west and mountain ranges as lovely as the Alps located in between. There are so many places in Crete for the motorcyclist to explore. You can travel on an extensive network of 10.000 km of both asphalt roads and off-road tracks that offer fun and enjoyment for Crete motorcycle tour enthusiasts.

Have we caught your attention yet?
For those who want to explore Crete on their own, they can simply rent a bike and make their own touring schedule. Greenways Motorcycle Tours in Rethymnon Crete provides a brand new fleet of motorbikes to choose from, including all types of motorcycles, such as  touring cycles, enduros, on-offs, and choppers, as well as small and large scooters.

You can book the motorbike of your choice and have it delivered to you at the airport upon your arrival in Crete. You are also provided with a hotline in case you need road assistance during your motorcycle rental tours in Crete. High-quality service and safety is our primary concern and for this reason our Crete motorcycle tour fleet is maintained by our German chief engineer and our highly-experienced staff.

With Greenways Crete Motortours, you will discover Crete, the motorcycle touring paradise, in the most enjoyable and exciting way.